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XII ESPI Summer School of Economic Policy July 15th – July 24th 2009

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XII ESPI Summer School of Economic Policy July 15th – July 24th 2009

Post by dpopovic on Mon Jun 22, 2009 2:12 pm

ESPI - Economic and Social Policy Institute

XII ESPI Summer School of Economic Policy


July 15th – July 24th 2009

The twelfth ESPI Summer School of Economic Policy, that will
take place from the 15th to the 24th of July 2009, will present its participants
with a unique opportunity to broaden their knowledge about the relation between
the state and the markets. The focus will be on the conflicting views about the
role that the state should play both in the development of a national economy,
and in overcoming periodic crises.

For students unfamiliar with development economics, the Summer
school will be a good introduction to this exciting field of research and
practical policy making. Development economics covers a wide range of topics,
such as various economic policy measures that aim to promote development and
industrialization, the relation between economic and social development,
sustainable development etc. Although the focus is on the economic side of the
whole matter, development economics is inherently multi-disciplinary.

On the other hand, students will have an opportunity to hear
the other side of the argument. While development economists usually reserve a
relatively big and important role for the state, (neo)liberal economists argue
that the state should only have a role limited to setting the “rules of the
game”. The main points of their argument will be presented, and the two views
will be confronted in a debate.

Both views will be presented by leading experts in their
particular fields, both from abroad and from Serbia. Two topics of special
interest that will be explored, within the context of the above mentioned
conflicting views, are (a) the cause of and ways to solve the current world
economic crisis and (b) the position of Serbia in these trying times.

Furthermore, students will have an excellent opportunity to
find out more about who economic policy making looks like “from the inside”, as
they will attend lectures by the head of the Republic of Serbia Securities
Commission, Milko Stimac, the Vice-President of the Serbian Government and the
Minister for the Economy and Regional Development, Mladjan Dinkic, and the
Governor of the National Bank of Serbia (Serbia’s central bank), Radovan

Thirty (30) applicants will be accepted to the School.
Education in social sciences and humanities is preferred (especially in
economics and related disciplines, such as law, political science, sociology,
organizational science and the like), although it is not a prerequisite.

Applicants from the following countries may apply: Albania,
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia.

The list of other requirements is set out below:

  • Under 30 years of age
  • Application form (Download: ESPI
    ), you can also get a copy at
    the Institute itself)
  • Motivation letter (up to 300 words describing why you would like to take
    part in the school, what they expect to gain from it and how do you think you
    will contribute to its overall organization while participating in it and in
  • Short Resume or CV
  • Two recommendation letters (from professors or superiors, must include their
    contact details)
  • High average mark during (if still a student) or at the end of studies (if
    the applicant has already graduated)
  • Good knowledge of the English language

You can register either (a) online, by sending the required materials to or (b) at the
ESPI Institute itself, at Topličin venac 11, 11 000 Belgrade, Serbia (you can
both send the required documentation or bring it yourself).

The Selection Committee will be in charge of announcing the
final list of participants no later than the 25th of June. The factors most
affecting the outcome will be the motivation letter, the recommendation letters
and an interview (for those outside Belgrade, a phone interview will be
conducted). Those who have been chosen will need to confirm their participation
by the 30th of June.

The participants will be accommodated at the hotel in downtown
Belgrade. Accommodation will be provided in both single and double rooms. Meals
are included.

The ESPI Institute can cover up to €50 of travel costs. We do
require proof of the travel costs incurred.

Contact person: Ivan Rajić
Tel: +381 11 3346086, +381 11

All further information regarding the Summer school – the
final list of lecturers, the time table etc. – will be published in due course
on ESPI’s web site.

XII ESPI Summer School of Economic Policy

The twelfth ESPI Summer School of Economic Policy, that will
take place from the 15th to the 24th of July 2009

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